artikelIf you are up to realize yourself, then your whole life is going to change. The one who is going to realize himself has different priorities than other people. The most important part of the self-realisation in the growth of one’s own. He/she can create or build up something outwards, but this process is linked to a constant, interior development, as well.

The most important thing waiting for a self-realisator is:

Your focus shifts from the outside towards the inside. You don’t have to change the outside in order to be happy. You change yourself from the inside and, as a result, the outside changes, as well. To sum up, yourself, your life and your realization are your focuses.

You won’t need to please everybody and do things you really don’t want to. Your heart becomes very important to yourself because it shows you your way. As a consequence, your heart makes every single decision for you.

If something doesn’t make any sense for you, your heart is unhappy or it has a bad influence on you, then it does not suits you anymore. As a self-realisator your life has become precious to you and you want to live it at its best. In addition, you deal ultimately with some activities such as watching the TV, going out with friends, surfing on the internet, playing on the computer, reading the newspaper.

If you are realizing yourself and you are happy with your life, consumerism and distractions are going out of your focus perception automatically.

You are the centre of your existence, neither other people nor things. As a result, you won’t have time to be diverted from your feelings. On the way to your self-realisation you will understand that it is not that easy to go away from your feelings if you watch the TV or drink alcohol and not even if you numb or distract yourself.

In this way you are going to realize that your feelings are the most important instruments. They are part of yourself. They are neither to ignore nor to repress. Finally, you end up learning to accept them, to let them being and to feel them without thinking about them.

You are the centre of your life. You are there with your wishes, dreams, intentions, needs, aims, desires, visions and ideas. Feel everything that comes from your inside and accept everything. You should concentrate on yourself and your inside.