ueb selbstliebe

It is the subject of our times: “How do I listen to my heart?” Nowadays, our society seems to split up in two categories of people: on one hand, people who listen to their heart and, on the other hand, people who listen to their mind. The effect of this phenomenon is that heart-people can understand mind-people, but unfortunately not the contrary. As a consequence, mind-people feel themselves a bit tackled by the easygoing and emotional lifestyle of their fellows and, consequently, tag them as “crazy”.

Mind vs. heart

It is known that mind-people can be recognised by the fact that they always think to be right. They can always prove every point of a discussion. If the discussion is meaningful or not is not very significant to him. When the mind is in need of explanation, it does invent fairy tales similar to paranoia. In this way, the person makes himself/herself crazy. Eckhart Tolle describes this status in his thesis about the Ego, the false self-perception of people – the sickness of the soul in our present days.

How do emotional people, who follow their heart, do that? They create a free space in their mind. Every time the stream of thoughts decreases, the language of the heart can be listened. They have been walking the spiritual path, because they connect to their true self and, as a consequence, they benefit from chances, which are actually different from the chances of the mind.

Constant awareness and a life up to feelings are advantages in order to distinguish conditioning thoughts from the language of the heart, which has to be listened.

Some people take their intuition for the language of their mind. The mind values, compares and judges. As soon as a feeling becomes a shape, because it is filtered through thoughts, then it becomes reason. The feeling of the intuition has no shape. It is a gentle and loving emotion of truth, which can’t be described with words. You just have to feel it.


Those who live in the mind can’t imagine how easy and without worries a life led by intuition, gut feeling and heart can be. All the judging and comparing thoughts come to an end. Stillness and relief come in. The power of the thinking is now consciously used and owns much more energy through the bundling: thinking becomes more efficient. You will think just about what is important to you and what really attaches your life. Fact is, that we don’t have to think as much as we suppose we should. There’s already a path in our life, we have to follow it through our intuition.


Of course, it is hard at the beginning. Those who want to break out of their mind must be brave and confident in order to listen to the voice of their heart. Meditation can be very helpful. The mind cannot understand the language of the heart and everything seems absurd and completely misleading. Nonetheless, if we are honest to us and look at our thoughts from another perspective, then we can understand that our conditioned mind brought us in the confusion. The mind takes decision just on the basis of the past experiences, mere informations, which we call “past”.


Well, if you don’t miss anything, you don’t need to change anything, either. I had feelings of unhappiness, senselessness and imperfection, which moved me to pick up all my bravery and listen to my uncertainties. Listen to your heart and connect yourself with your life. You begin to notice signs. From all this you will earn success. While your mind brought stress in the past, because it could not understand the life; now, everything will line up on the path of your heart. Life begins to work for you. It will send you lovely people, that will enrich your life and your life will turn into a vacation. Everything you have to do is not to take your mind for granted. It will not be suppressed, but it will just be observed from an higher level. Also if you don’t understand something in your life, just be brave to accept it as it comes. You just have to look at your feelings and emotions in you and decide if they are good in that moment or not.